Strategic Plan Update

Use this cost effective solution to gain a fresh perspective and update your strategic plan. Let us review the steps you’ve taken to implement your current strategies and the factors important to your organization. We’ll facilitate a 2-day planning retreat to review your current situation and update your strategic initiatives. Here is how it works.

You update the progress of your current strategic initiatives.

You and your team follow the instructions we include in our pre-retreat package to report your progress in implementing your strategies.

Next you answer a few questions about your organization.

This is a simple process where you comment on your basic assumptions, trends, SWOT analysis, and the like. We’re interested in things like – what’s changed since you developed your plan? What should you do different? Tell us enough to get the general picture. We’ll get into the details at the planning retreat. Just remember to send us your comments early so we can prepare for your retreat.

Then just show up for the planning retreat.

You pick the location – some place where your team can focus on strategies. We need about 10 hours to work through our agenda so schedule at least two days for the retreat. We recommend starting at noon the first day and wrapping up the following morning.

Allow us to facilitate the entire process.

That’s it. We’ll plan the agenda, prepare the handouts, take the notes, facilitate the discussions to keep everyone focused, and handle all the other details required for a successful retreat. This frees you and your team to focus on the important thing – your strategy. At the end of the retreat you leave with updated strategies, priorities and timelines.

This package is available exclusively to organizations updating an existing strategic plan developed by Holland Resource.