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Strategic Planning to Focus Your Team!


New technologies, changing markets, and uncertain economies can make past performance measures and management controls suddenly obsolete. They can also turn yesterday's strengths into today's weaknesses.  In this environment, your organization needs focus and common goals.  Your organization needs strategic planning

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An effective strategic planning process empowers your organization. People with a plan are more effective in their roles — better informed leaders, better managers, and confident decision makers. Imagine the potential for your organization.



Strategic Planning by Holland Resource

Our Proven Process

Our strategic planning process is simple — we help you find the answers to these three questions.

  • Where are you now? Strategic planning helps you look back, look inside, and look forward. Reviewing you your accomplishments and failures, your assets and debits, your dreams and realities is healthy and necessary for growth. Our strategic planning process begins by examining your current situation -inside and out – and establish a starting point of your plan. We guide you through an evaluation and establish the key factors impacting your future.
  • Where do you want to be? Using our interactive planning model you move yourself into the future and invent it. You create and control your destiny. At this, the most critical point in your strategic planning process, you define your core values and your vision.
  • How will you get there? This is your action plan. We help you define the action needed to move your organization from where you are now to where you want to be?

Read more about our strategic planning process ...


Proven Benefits for You

We help you build a plan that keeps you agile and competitive. We provide your leaders the insight and tools to see your strategies realized and take command in all essential areas to:

  • Clearly define your purpose.
  • Focus your team on your vision.
  • Focus your resources on the critical issues.
  • Discover the best ideas and solutions.
  • Build consensus and ownership.
  • Develop specific action steps.
  • Establish benchmarks to measure progress.
  • Stay on course.
  • Achieve peak performance.
  • Improve your bottom line.


Strategic Planning Solutions
We offer four planning packages tailored to fit any need.

  • Develop Your Plan In 12-Hours Accommodate your busy schedule without compromising the quality of your final plan. You invest 12 hours of your time - we do the rest. This process
    Read More
  • Strategic Plan Pro This package is popular with organizations looking to develop several department level plans before finalizing a corporate level plan. We provide you the workbook – you build the
    Read More
  • Strategic Plan Ultimate The recommended solution for a comprehensive study of your current situation and for organizations new to strategic planning. We provide complete support throughout the entire planning process,
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  • Strategic Plan Update Use this cost effective solution to gain a fresh perspective and update your strategic plan. Let us review the steps you’ve taken to implement your current strategies
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