Plan now to make your vision a reality. Select a solution to fit your requirements.

12-Hour Strategic Plan

Accommodate your busy schedule without compromising the quality of your final plan. You invest 12 hours of your time - we do the rest. This process is focused and simple. You and your team will clearly define the purpose of your organization,establish strategic initiatives with realistic deadlines, and build a common vision shared by everyone on your team.  Just complete our planning questionnaire and show up for the 2-day planning retreat.  Read More

Strategic Plan Pro

This package is popular with organizations looking to develop several department level plans before finalizing a corporate level plan. We provide you the workbook – you build the department level plans. We facilitate a 2-3 day planning retreat to develop the corporate level plan.   Read More

Strategic Plan Ultimate

The recommended solution for a comprehensive study of your current situation and for organizations new to strategic planning. We provide complete support throughout the entire planning process, including an initial "kick-off" session, on-site review and interviews,and the off-site planning retreat to develop your strategies.  Read More

Strategic Plan Update

Use this cost effective solution to gain a fresh perspective and update your strategic plan. Let us review the steps you’ve taken to implement your current strategies and the factors important to your organization. We’ll facilitate a 2-day planning retreat to review your current situation and update your strategic initiatives.  Read More