Selecting your Change Team

paradigm shift, leadership development, employee motivation, management communicationWhen organizational change is to take place at work, a change team should be created to help get the organization through the upheaval of transition. Selecting this team is a careful process. They must understand the nature of paradigm shift, they must understand and be able to communicate the vision, and they must have the skills to overcome resistance.

Your own leadership development will depend on how well you do the task of selecting the change team. It is important that diverse talents are incorporated, that a certain amount of "outsider" perspective is included, and that the change team is kept small - 7 members or fewer. A change team made up solely of managers is rarely effective. A successful change team must include front line workers where the changes will take place, as well as personnel with specific knowledge relevant to the changes, such as experts on Information Technology or client demographics.

The change team must have a concrete way of determining whether a particular change is an improvement, and they must honestly study results and be willing to abandon changes that do not result in improvement. Changes that are pushed through for no reason other than that the change team has invested a lot of time in studying the change is a recipe for a serious drop in employee motivation.

Overcoming barriers to change requires the use of the skills of all the change team members. Change teams must be authorized to move quickly and not stagnate to the point where enthusiasm for the change dies. They must provide effective management communication so that those potentially affected by the proposed changes aren't kept in the dark. 

Sometimes it is good to divide up change team tasks so that the first task is relatively easy and sure to be successful. But the change team must understand that they can be bold in their ideas, and that before a proposed change takes place, nothing is carved in stone. Effective communication is the key to success in selecting a change team. Without it, selecting and using a change team is just an empty exercise.